On Friday, March 17,  TLI Freight Services held its 1st quarter driver safety meeting for 2017 at the UCSC Driver’s Lounge in Kevil, KY.

These meetings are held quarterly giving the drivers valuable FMCSA updates in addition to their ongoing training. They also aid in fostering strong connections between the drivers and management which is very important to the team as it allows our drivers to express concerns, and to discuss industry practices.

The meeting was lead by the Director of Safety, Paul Dillard and the Director of Trucking Operations, Darryl Richardson.  A few topics covered were Distracted Driving, FMCSA Updates and Litigation/Cell Phone Usage while driving.  Paul has been involved with several cases recently regarding distracted commercial motor vehicle drivers.  More than 50% of commercial driving accidents show that distracted drivers are the number one factor in these incidents.  Our drivers are constantly reminded to limit distractions while driving and to focus on the task at hand – To get home safely!!

Tips to remember while driving:

ALWAYS use hands-free devices! In most states it's the law.

Give the commercial motor vehicle space!  Your vehicle is not always visible to them.  Never follow too close or cut off other drivers – especially commercial motor vehicles!   There is more weight and power behind that Freightliner than your V6…

Safety is everyone's responsibility!  Let’s all do our part to remain safe on the roads.



Drivers at UCSC

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Drivers Meeting