Versa-Pac News
Recent content developments of the Versa-Pac package assist the industry with site shutdown, decommissions, and cleanup operations, allowing for removal, transport, and storage options for the residual waste materials. Regulatory certification of new contents is being demonstrated by test, analysis, and a combination of these techniques to show that the design function of the Versa-Pac as a Type A fissile package remains unchanged.  
A new drop test sequence for the Versa-Pac-55 was performed in early September 2017, documenting the addition of the 350-pound payload and showing the Versa-Pac-55 maintains structural integrity during the NCT and HAC drop, crush and puncture events as defined by 10CFR71. Additional new capabilities to the Versa-Pac include a low 1.25 wt% 235U enriched uranium loading, small quantities of UF in the form of 1S and 2S cylinders, and a payload mass increase from 250 to 350 pounds for Versa-Pac-55. 
Look out for the Waste Management 2018 paper, tracing the engineering and licensing efforts involved in expanding the Versa-Pac’s versatility; summarizing the new testing and results for the payload increase, the content addition criticality and thermal evaluations, and content description for the Versa-Pac Safety Analysis Report.  The NRC license amendment is scheduled for Winter 2017.A revision of the NRC Certificate of Compliance is expected in Spring 2018.
Note the Versa-Pac is currently a certified Type A fissile packaging (USA NRC Certificate # USA/9342/AF-96).  Principle design of the Versa-Pac packaging maintains the use of an inner liner positioned inside a 55-gallon (VP-55) or 110-gallon drum (VP-110), as used for decades in the transport and disposal of Type A fissile materials.  The Versa-Pac is used directly or in conjunction with pails, pipe containers, poly bottles, and a variety of smaller containers, inserts and vessels.