RAM License Amended for Cylinder Refurbishment

In January of 2016, TLI received an amendment to the Radioactive Materials License that regulates operations at UCSC in Kevil, KY. The amendment authorized the manual surface preparation and painting of 48” cylinders. UCSC began surface preparation and painting in March 2016.

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Manufacturing Consolidation

Effective April 2016, TLI will be consolidating its manufacturing, engineering, and cylinder support activities and will be closing the Abingdon, Virginia plant. This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our management oversight, and allow TLI to optimize its resources and continue to provide superior transportation, engineering, manufacturing, and cylinder services to our valued customers.

The consolidation will not impact TLI’s transportation, engineering, or cylinder services, although it will mark an evolution in TLI’s manufacturing capabilities. Moving forward, TLI’s manufacturing services will focus on our core products: the Versa-Pac, the Pup, and the Kevil Kougar, with production coordination taking place at the Kevil facility with the support of select partners, although TLI will remain ready to assist customers with their unique engineering and packaging needs.