Safety and Compliance

TLI Freight Services is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance. Our safety program incorporates components of safety and compliance with effective company policies and procedures.

Each TLI Freight Services driver must adhere to the following standards:

  • Operate company equipment safely and efficiently
  • Comply with company, federal and state transportation rules and regulations
  • Understand the proper procedures for customer relations and delivery schedules
  • Develop the skills necessary to cope with the challenges and responsibilities of a professional commercial driver

DOT Safety Rating: For a DOT snapshot, see DOT’s Safer Web Page. Enter TLIFS DOT number, 1941451 at

Insurance: TLIFS carries insurance in accordance with regulations including: General liability, auto liability, cargo insurance, nuclear and worker’s compensation. For additional information please contact 240-389-6060

Equipment Requirements: All vehicles are included in our rigorous preventative vehicle maintenance program.

Authority Numbers:

U.S. DOT: 1941451
MC#: 691856
Duns Number: 832935188
HM Registration: 051010 550 090S


American Trucking Association
Maryland Motor Truck Association
Department of Energy 
Motor Carrier Evaluation Program