GE2000 Project

In late 2013, DAHER-TLI was approached by GE-Hitachi to offer solutions for shipping of Cobalt-60 for use in medical applications. A study was performed to upgrade their existing isotope cask, the GE Model 2000. The cask is a 30-year-old shielded design.

GE2000CaskThe challenge was to design, license, and manufacture a high performance insert (HPI) that supplements the existing cask design and increase shielding capabilities. After iterative design process, depleted uranium was chosen for shielding. The resulting design increased the shielding performance by more than an order of magnitude over the current license limit of Cobalt-60.

Working closely with the customer, licensing documentation was completed and delivered to the US NRC in December of 2014. Following acceptance, DAHER-TLI was awarded the manufacturing PO for the HPI. Fabrication began in August of 2015. Fabrication was completed in January of 2016 for shipments in February and March of 2016.

Clarity and understanding of the customer's needs was vital to the quick and efficient acceptance of the product design and licensing. It was the success of the iterative process that allowed DAHER-TLI to bring a design from concept to licensed product in a short period of time.

OEM Services DTSliner

DAHER-TLI has the capability and expertise to provide OEMs with specialized manufacturing and services such as waste water liners for Fukushima and overpack refurbishment for DOE.