DAHER-TLI coordinates movement of radioactive material across international borders by all modes of transport - plane, ship, barge, truck and train. In conjunction with its subsidiary company, TLI Shipping, LLC, DAHER-TLI provides chartered vessels when project commitments and requirements demand special routing, procedures or timing.

Cylinder Services

UF6 Cylinder Service Center (UCSC), the first of its kind, a dedicated cylinder cleaning and re-certification facility is operational in Kevil, KY. The facility is able to handle all types of natural UF6 cylinders (48” X,Y, G – 30B, 12B…).


DAHER-TLI Packaging, a division of DAHER-TLI, is a full service package provider serving the nuclear industry and operating under an NRC part 71, and NQA-1, approved QA program. We design, license, and procure a full range of custom and specialty containers for the nuclear industry.


DAHER-TLI Engineering Services specializes in radioactive material packaging and nuclear material facility engineering. Engineering Services provides engineering support for package design, operation, maintenance, and regulatory approvals. The senior staff at Engineering Services has extensive experience supporting the safe transport of radioactive materials in the USNRC, USDOT, and international regulatory environments.


DAHER-TLI Nuclear University – North America: Multi-day training programs offered on or off site.