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Through our patented process, we are able to recover ASTM specification natural uranium from the heeled cylinders. Reclaimed uranium ownership can be transferred to TLI or returned in oxide form to clients.

UF6 Cylinder Service Center (UCSC), the first of it's kind, a dedicated cylinder cleaning and re-certification facility is operational in Kevil, KY. The facility is able to handle all types of natural UF6 cylinders.

Highly compliant with industry standards and regulations, (ANSI) we also work in compliance with an RAM license issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and in accordance with an NQA-1 Quality Assurance plan approved by the NRC.


UCSC has over 5 acres of storage capacity for 1000 Full Cylinders, 400 Heeled Cylinders, and 600 Empty Cylinders and includes enhanced safety and security systems throughout the property.

UCSC can partner with your company to address your needs and help solve problems and issues in a timely, economic way. For quotes and enquiries, please contact us here

Watch DAHER-TLI's unique cylinder wash and recertification process in action


Ancillary Services

  • Shipping Container Inspections - IICL Certified Container Inspector
  • Mobile equipment inspections
  • Flatrack
  • ISO Containers
  • Tankers
  • Package Inspections:
    • UX-30
    • BU-D
    • Various Casks
  • UF6 Natural Uranium Storage
  • 48" G, X, Y - 30B
  • (clean/empty, 12B
  • Non-compliant cylinders shipped in coordination with DOT
  • All special permitting needs