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DAHER-TLI Engineering Services is an established and respected group of knowledgeable engineers providing high value package and engineering solutions for the nuclear industry.

With over 100 years of combined experience and 15,000 man hours in 2015, we confidently provide engineering support for package design, operation, and maintenance including regulatory approvals and safe transport in the USNRC and USDOT, and international environments.

We work closely with our long-standing client base providing:

  • Technical analyses for demonstrating compliance with the regulatory requirements (structural, thermal, containment, shielding, and criticality safety)
  • Reg Guide 7.9 and European PDSR Guide
  • Competent Authority and NRC Regulatory
  • Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS, LS-DYNA)
  • Shielding and Criticality Safety Analysis (SCALE, MCNP)
  • Hazmat employee training (49 CFR 172)
  • Quality Assurance program development and assessment (10 CFR 71 Appendix H)
  • Facility and program audits
  • Manufacturing engineering support
  • Imbedded into daily transport, storage, and D&D activities of the DAHER-TLI Group
  • Support (package approvals and validations)

Package Validations

To support international movements of radioactive materials, DAHER-TLI routinely manages validation of transport packages in the United States and other countries. Focusing on thorough knowledge and application of international and national regulations, complete and accurate preparation of requisite application materials and timely submission, DAHER-TLI ensures that the necessary approvals are in place to support worldwide movements of radioactive cargoes.

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The Kougar project represents a new level of integration throughout DAHER-TLI. Designed, manufactured, tested and transported in-house, the Kougar demonstrates our turn key solutions.


DAHER-TLI's Cylinder Racking system helps customers maximize valuable storage space by fitting eight cylinders in the footprint of three.