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FRONT END Fuel Cycle Services

From mining uranium to loading fuel into nuclear reactors, the nuclear industry requires specialized movement between stages. DAHER-TLI has over 15 years of experience moving radioactive cargo globally including:

  • Uranium ore Concentrates
  • Natural and enriched uranium hexafluoride
  • Uranium dioxide powder and pellets
  • Fresh fuel rods ready for loading
  • By-product materials (tritium, heavy water, isotopes and related commodities)

COSCO FelixstoweBACK END Services

DAHER TLI also serves the worlds leading cask owners and facilities with movement of spent fuel, irradiated research reactor materials, and other back end products.


DAHER-TLI, in coordination with our subsidiary TLI Shipping, LLC and our domestic transportation services division ensures specialized movement of radioactive material both domestically and across international borders by all modes of transport – Air, Railway, Truck, and Sea (even chartered vessel for unique routing/timing demands). The packaging and securement of materials are expertly designed and licensed by our pool of in-house engineers.


With DAHER NT offices in North America, Europe, Russia, and Far East, our worldwide network offers exceptional customer service in key ports of loading and discharge. To help soften logistic and administrative hurdles we maintain memberships with WNTI and WNA Transport Group, opening new shipping routes, unlocking transit ports, and training coast guards, MSA or vessel operators to spread best practices and safety standards around the world.


With our dedicated fleet of equipment including new Flat Racks, Containers, Cylinders, and Overpacks AND our elite fleet of services including tracking, storage, maintenance and recertification, DAHER-TLI is a complete cost-saving transport solution. Our trained and experienced staff ensures that all shipments comply with the rigorous regulations of local and foreign authorities and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

For quotes and enquiries, please contact us here

Click here for our Tariff in PDF format