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DAHER-TLI Packaging, a division of DAHER-TLI, is a full service package provider serving the nuclear industry and operating in compliance with NQA-1 and under an approved NRC part 71 QA program.


We design, license and procure a full range of custom and specialty containers for the nuclear industry.

Find out more information about DAHER-TLI's current offerings

With experienced package designers and engineers on staff, Daher-TLI can offer full-service solutions to our customers, including design optimization, drop testing or package refurbishment for Type A, B, AF, BF, 7A, IP-1, and IP-2 packaging.

DAHER-TLI Packaging operates operates through a network of NQA-1 compliant Manufacturers around the country. We have established and qualified a robust supplier network, to give us flexibility and reactivity to meet your deadlines.

Waste Packaging for D&D Transport and Storage Solutions

  • 7A Type A Containers, Pails and Drums
  • TLI-7A-PUP 55 Gallon Overpack for Solids, Liquids and Sludge
    Industrial Packaging (IP-1, 2 & 3), B25
  • Liners
  • Flexible/Carbon/Stainless Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Front End Packaging for Fuel Cycle Transport and Storage Operation

  • Versa-Pac Shipping Container AF, Models
    VP-55 & VP-110
  • 48" Cylinder Overpack
  • CI-12 Shipping Container
  • BUD
  • Pallets and Racks

Whether under DAHER-TLI licensed designs or OEM client designs, DAHER-TLI can provide innovative and cost effective solutions for Front End, Waste, Laboratory, Back End Markets.

Find out more information about DAHER-TLI's OEM Project

DAHER-TLI Packaging is an EFCOG Member and is on DOT and DOE contractors approved vendor list.

For quotes and enquiries, please contact us here





DAHER-TLI's Cylinder Racking system helps customers maximize valuable storage space by fitting eight cylinders in the footprint of three.


DAHER-TLI's Versa-Pac undergoes rigorous testing