At our client's request, UCSC is recertifying a number of older 48” cylinders.

Our Cylinder Service Center in KY has been hard at work on a post receritification project for older 48" cylinders. After the customer fills these cylinders, they are shipped outside the US. The cylinders have not previously been modified to permit attachment of a valve protector alternate (VPA). The VPA is now required for shipment of the cylinders if they are filled with UF6. The VPA is attached to a cylinder by means of three ¾” hex head cap screws.  A template was designed and fabricated to provide for consistent placement of three holes through each cylinder skirt. The template also provides an efficient means for establishing the exact location for drilling each hole.

Currently all newly fabricated UF6 cylinders are drilled by the manufacturer to accept the VPA; however there still remains a considerable number of older cylinders that must be modified if the owner plans to transport the cylinders after filling. Our expertise developed at UCSC assist customers with this task and many others. We are always happy to tackle any and all service and transport needs no matter how unique!


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