Daher-TLI has recently received yet another patent for its UF6 Cylinder Service Center (UCSC). This patent covers our three-step purification process whereby the uranium recovered from cleaning a cylinder is converted to uranyl peroxide (UO4) or triuranium octoxide (U3O8) and undergoes our patented purification process. This is the sixth patent for the inventor and Daher-TLI consultant, Ron Noe. He has also collaborated with Andy Langston and the Daher-TLI Engineering Department to design and patent the Tilt-Roll table for use in cleaning UF6 cylinders. The Daher-TLI UF6 Cylinder Service Center provides cylinder storage, cleaning, recertification, and disposal services to the UF6 industry for cylinders that previously contained natural or depleted UF6 and is located in Kevil, KY.UCSC Opening